Monday, November 30, 2015

Well, well, well....

Well, this is very interesting. I kept at this blog for several years and kind of lost interest. It seemed that no one was going here. I came back today to kill it but first went to the performance reports. Apparently many people still visit it daily! So here's a test. I am posting images of a two newer paintings. If you like them, let me know.

If you have a Facebook account you can go to my Artist Page here to see the rest of them. Please take a moment to "Like" the page, and if you can, let me know you came from here. You can also go to my website here and see the rest of my newer work.

Friday, July 12, 2013

New Paintings

Yes, I am still painting... mysterious abstracted squares with patterns and invented imagery...

but also enjoying this summer weather painting outside!

South From Front Porch
6" x 5" oil on 8ply  ragboard

Clark Pond with No Clark
12" x 18" oil on 8ply ragboard

Three Old Friends
12" x 12" oil on Dibond

These last two were painted on the grounds of The Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, MA as part of their Summer Family Day event.  It was a good excercise for me to paint in  crowd as I typically avoid people while painting.  

Monday, April 23, 2012

Artspace Auction

For those of you who are not Facebookies, I have donated this painting to the Artspace Greenfield "Hearts on Fire" Auction tonight at Hope & Olive - 5:30pm 

I made this painting a few years ago looking out the window of my studio directly into the morning sun down the Green River. It's really hard to get a good photo of this, there is a lot more going on in the dark hillside of trees than you can see here. It is 11" x 14" and is framed. This size usually retails for $600. The reserve bid is $200. If you want to benefit a great community resource, and own this painting too, feel free to email or call Artspace directly if you cant make it to Hope & Olive.... 413-772-6811

Thanks! Hope to see you there!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Updated website

I have finally updated my portfolio website:

While it is still not perfect, it's not too bad for a free google site.

Check it out, and like it on facebook!

Friday, July 01, 2011

"Mind & Matter" @ Grappone Hall, NHTI Concord NH

The installation of Mind & Matter at Grappone Hall, NHTI Concord NH went smooth as could be. I am very pleased with how it all turned out. I was a unsure and a little apprehensive about installing into the curved the wall, but other than some small undulations to the wall, the system worked perfectly. I now hope the students will choose to meet "at the big brain."

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Taking it to the Street

Mackenzie Issler of the Greenfield Recorder wrote a fine article about me and my current exhibit at the Geissler Gallery at Stoneleigh-Burnham. Here is the front section and the back section as PDF files. You may have to zoom in to read the text.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mind & Matter

I recently received a percent-for-art commission from the State of New Hampshire to create a piece of public art for a new building at the New Hampshire Technical Institute. The image above is a digital sketch of my proposal photo-shopped into a photograph of the actual room. Below is most of the proposal statement explaining what I intend to make.

Mind & Matter

A Public Art Proposal for the second floor study lounge area of The Beverly D. Grappone Hall at the New Hampshire Technical Institute


Mind & Matter will consist of 299 separate 7” square unique abstract paintings, that form an image when assembled into a grid. This grid is meant to be a visual echo to the glass block wall adjacent to the location at the 2nd floor study lounge. The paintings will be oil on ¼ inch birch veneer plywood with black edges. These will be mounted to 5” square ½ inch plywood on the reverse, creating a floating effect when these are mounted to the wall. The space between the paintings is equal to the width of the mortar joints in the block wall, and will fall completely into shadow.

There are two major images in the painting. On the right is an illustration of a brain in profile that I created for a medical textbook I illustrated several years ago. On the left is an image of an iron bridge. The images are simple and accurate line drawings which are contrast-reversed through an overall checkerboard pattern. The individual pieces will be painted in a lively, colorful and painterly manner in oils, with a variety of application techniques and exciting brushwork. Each piece will be painted as if it were to exist on it's own as an abstract painting.

The medical illustration is obviously a reference to the nursing training at the college, but in this context it also brings up the dichotomy of mind and thought versus the physical gray matter of medicine. The steel bridge image references human creativity, engineering, and great physical acts of imagination, but it also symbolizes the path to making these imaginings real, the synaptic bridge over the void from mind to matter.

These are some oil studies I have been making in preparation... this is going to be a blast to make. My work is usually observed realism, or based upon observation. Typically any invention is secondary to the depiction of observed ( or at least believable ) space and light. It's satisfying, but can get a bit boring after a while. The night series I just completed kind of drained the realist well, at least for the time being.

That said, this project has two very realist elements in it, although it is less about the depiction of space and more about the symbolism and graphic drawing of the images. The actual physical act of painting is completely freeing. I can use any application method, any color, texture, whatever works to embody the emotion rather than depict it.